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Sunday Schedule

5 09.30 - Prayer Meeting (1st & 3rd Each Month

4 11.00 - Family Service with Creche

3 11.15 - Morning Sunday School & Bible Class

2 18.45 - Youth Fellowship

1 19.00 - Evening Service





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Dundonald Methodist Church is a vibrant, community-orientated fellowship based in Ballybeen, a large public housing estate on the outskirts of East Belfast.

It originated as a small society on the Knock circuit, serving the village of Dundonald in the 1930’s, but when the Ballybeen Estate began to be established in the 1960s they planted a new congregation in the estate in 1965. By 1969 both congregations merged on the Ballybeen site in new purpose built premises, on a prominent hill in the estate. However, as a minister at the time reminded the congregation, those premises were not a fortress to be defended, but a base of operations in the wider estate.

In recent years those operations have included the establishment of Dundonald Family and Community Initiative, an independent charitable Association of which the church is a partner member, which seeks to promote family and community development in the area, and various evangelistic programmes, some in partnership with other churches.

Currently the church has an attending congregation of around 200 on a Sunday morning and 80 on an evening, with programmes for all ages. It’s development is overseen by 6 Action Teams (Evangelism, Fellowship, Discipleship, Pastoral, Worship and Service) and 4 Resource Committees (Youth, Finance & Personnel, Property and Communication), with their work being coordinated by the Church Council

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